The Hagströmer Lecture 2022 – now on YouTube!

The Hagströmer Lecture 2022 was held at Karolinska Institutet, November 16, 2022, and is now available on Youtube, please press here!

Pandemic Futures, Pandemic Pasts

How can historical perspectives inform scientific responses to emerging infectious diseases? Could an appreciation of the history of pandemics have contributed to better responses to Covid-19? This year´s two speakers put recent experiences into historical perspective, while posing questions for the future.

David Morens, M.D., National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease: “Emerging epidemics: 5,000 years of existential threats”

Mark Honigsbaum, PhD, University of London “Remembering Pandemics, Imagining Covid-19”

The Hagströmer Lecture brings historical perspectives to current issues in medicine, healthcare, and the life sciences. Invited lecturers are internationally renowned scholars in the history of medicine and science, experts on the vital issues pertaining to the lecture topic. The Hagströmer Lecture is organized by the Unit for Medical History and Heritage at Karolinska Institutet, in collaboration with the Friends of the Hagströmer Library.